Defending Courts-Martial & Administrative Separations

U.S. Coast Guard 

Coast Guard, Petty Officer, E-5, charged with sexually assaulting a female in the berthing of a cutter.  Prosecutors dismiss sexual assault and client pleads to simple "battery." Military judge does not sentence client to jail. Client retained in the service by the judge. Significantly, no sex registration required.  

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer, E-7, investigated for "misrepresenting a fact" to his command on a matter of national security while cutter underway. Coast Guard lawyers were unable to discharge member based on legal technicality. Member maintained his rate and transfers to a new unit. No federal conviction. No punishment..

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer, E-7, implicated in a Preliminary Inquiry (PIO) related to a multi-automobile accident. PIO report was ascertained by use of a Freedom of Information Act Request. Negotiated with Deputy Staff Judge Advocate and this member's command resulting in an "alcohol incident" designation and disciplinary marks. Chief was not masted or otherwise punished. Remains fully eligible for retirement and transfer.

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-5, accused of aggravated sexual assault, wrongful sexual contact and obstructing justice was fully acquitted of all criminal charges by military jury.  By implication of this full acquittal, Coast Guard Station (Cape D) was exonerated for failing to report his alleged misconduct.

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-5, found guilty of rape and making false official statements.Prosecutor demands 19-year jail sentence and dishonorable discharge, but member receives 3-month jail sentence and BCD discharge.  Member actually only spends 10-weeks in brig after good time reduction. Most importantly, defense prevents military jury from ever hearing about his prior alleged sexual assault of another female years earlier, as well as his simple assault of yet another female the same day of this incident. Case pending appeal.

Coast Guard Officer, LTJG, O-2, was involved in fight with a civilian law enforcement officer which resulted in a misdemeanor resisting arrest conviction. Client was heavily intoxicated at the time of the assault. Negotiated with his chain of command following the civilian conviction. Client will be allowed to "continue in service" until his end of service dateHe will then receive Honorable Discharge with full GI Bill educational benefits.  

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer, E-7, faced rape conviction. Argued Government must drop Rape charge after investigating officer recommended the rape charge not go forward. Government agreed. Chief pleads guilty to adultery and making two false official statements.Military judge reduces him one rank/rate.  Retained in Coast Guard. No confinement.

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-5, has separation rescinded by Vice-Admiral for alleged fraudulent enlistment. Member was subsequently reimbursed attorney’s fees after filing EEO complaint. IPEB also reverses its prior decision in finding E-5 "unfit" for continued service, based in part, upon the baseless allegations.

Coast Guard Captain, Officer, O-6, investigated for actions associated with his pharmeceutical duties. Received letter of censure. Retires with full benefits.

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-3, charged with Burglary, Wrongful Sexual Contact and Drunk and Disorderly Conduct associated with a port call. Case withdrawn from a Special Court-martial and sent to a Summary Court-martial (no stigma of federal conviction and/or sex registration requirements). Serves 18 days in brig. Convening Authority agreed to recommend Petty Officer keep his "top secret clearance" and given General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions Discharge.

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-6, has court-martial dismissed by military judge because Government fails to provide "fair notice" of the criminality of his conduct in light of Coast Guard custom and its Fraternization policy promulgated in 8H.  Appellate courts uphold decision. Coast Guard authorities amend its (former) 8H regulation based upon this case,

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-5, is initially denied reenlistment. Appeal is submitted. Enlisted personnel office vacates Coast Guard Board’s denial of reenlistment.  Retires with full benefits. Defense counsel demonstrated that Coast Guard policies were violated in processing the case. 

Coast Guard Petty Officer, E-4, accused of Reckless Discharge of Firearm (which resulted in a civilian conviction) false official statement, assault and unauthorized transportation of weapons faced a General Discharge and the loss of all educational benefits. Defense requested, andreceived Honorable Discharge for his client, and with it, GI Bill eligibility.

Coast Guard Captain, Officer, 0-6, formally investigated for conduct unbecoming an officer while in Russia. Interrogated by CGIS. Cleared of all wrongdoing. Retires with full benefits.

Disclaimer:Each case is different, thus prior results and successes should not create an expectation about results in any individual case. The above list is provided for illustration purposes only, and represents only some of the cases previously handled by said attorney.