Defending Courts-Martial & Administrative Separations

U.S. Navy 

Navy Petty Officer, Third Class, E-4, charged with rape and forcible sodomy.  Article 32, UCMJ investigator recommends the case be dismissed.  Even so, the General Court-martial Convening Authority, a Vice Admiral, convenes court-martial. Case resolved before military judge, who deliberates and thereafter "fully acquits client of all criminal charges and specifications." Client completely exonerated.

Navy Chief Petty Officer, E-7, investigated by NCIS for sexual assault. Firm hired during investigation phase to protect accused and negotiate with prosecutors. Navy does not file court-martial charges. Case dismissed.

Navy Chief Petty Officer, E-7, prosecuted for the use of Methamphetamine and Pandering Prostitution sent to brig for 45 days by military jury, but allowed to keep his anchors. Retained in military service by jury. Overcame "zero tolerance" arguments by Government prosecutor.

Navy Petty Officer, Third Class, E-4, charged with three crimes of false official statement and one allegation of larceny based upon the alleged stealing of over $50,000 of BAH.  Military judge finds Sailor Notguilty of the three false official statement crimes, and guilty, by exceptions and substitutions, of withholding approximatey $13,000 of BAH. Sailor faced 25-years in confinement and dishonorable discharge, but is sentenced, based on the court's verdict, to serve 25-days in confinement. Sailor is retained in the Navy. He remains eligible for an Honorable Discharge after the completing his term of service. Sailor may also likely be promoted as commander recommends nonrevocation of security clearance.

Navy Officer, 0-3, officially investigated for travel voucher fraud. His retirement application was suspended. Demonstrated Government's case was baseless, and the officer is cleared and has since retired with full honors and benefits.

Navy Sailor, E-2, stationed aboard a nuclear submarine took pain medication without a prescription.  Persuaded the Chain of Command and Government Lawyer to not apply "zero tolerance" principle. Government  joined in requesting the Sailor not be discharged.  Naval Personnel Command (NPC) Millington retains Sailor.

Navy Officer, O-2, investigated for adultery. Client decides on submitting a resignation packet, which is approved by NPC for a "honorable discharge."

Navy Officer, O-2. subjected to offensive and unfair ridicule by her commanding officer, who takes it out on her by issuing a poor fitness report. Client decides to fight the report, and lawyer engages with the command's lawyers, who encourage commander to revise the report and in fact he does exactly that in deleting unfavorable language.

Disclaimer:Each case is different, thus prior results and successes should not create an expectation about results in any individual case. The above list is provided for illustration purposes only, and represents only some of the cases previously handled by said attorney.