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Carpenter Law Firm's Press and Media Related Coverage

Mr. Carpenter's cases and military legal contributions have been covered by Seattle King 5 News, Northwest Cable News, Fox Q13 News, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, The New York Times, CNN, Press TV, BBC News, CBS News, The Washington Post, The Army Times, European Stars and Stripes, Fox News AP, NPR, the Seattle Times and the Spokesman Review.

             U.S. Morally Wrong to Spare Soldier, Press TV

             Lewis-McChord Soldier Reaches Deal to Testify in Afghan Shooting, AP

              U.S. Soldier Robert Stevens Jailed for Afghan Attacks, BBC News

             "No Punishment" for GI Guilty of Child Abuse, European Stars and Stripes

Testimony in GI’s Death Heard in Closed Court, European Stars and Stripes

Soldier Stabbed in Late-Night Brawl, European Stars and Stripes

Media: Local, Regional and National News Network Appearances

Mr. Carpenter regularly appears as a "Guest Expert on Military Law" related to issues impinging high profile courts-martial for King 5 News, Fox Q13 News and Puget Sound Public Radio.

Carpenter Law Firm's Exclusive Publications on Military Justice

Carpenter, S., author, A PTSD Primer: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things,
King County Bar Association Bulletin, Volume 29, Issue 6 (February 2011)

Carpenter S., author, Defending Gay Soldiers Who Defend America,
King County Bar Association Bulletin, Volume 28, Issue 8 (April 2010)

Carpenter, S., author, The Audacity of Accountability: Resolving the Torture Memo Conundrum by Court-martial, King County Bar Association Bulletin, Volume 28, Issue 3 (November 2009)

Carpenter, S., author, Guantanamo 101: Rejecting Cruel, Unusual and Degrading Justice,
National Institute of Military Justice, (May 2009)

Carpenter, S., author, Military Commissions: ‘Justice’ Guantanamo Style,
King County Bar Association Bulletin, Volume 26, Issue 11 (July 2008)

Carpenter, S., author, Federal Criminal Practice: A Military Justice Primer,
Washington State Bar News, Volume 59, No. 9 (September 2005)

Carpenter, S., author, Blessed are the Peacemakers: Remembering Kosovo,
Oregon State Bar Bulletin, Volume 62, No. 5 (March 2002)

Carpenter, S., author, Landmines and NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps,
JAGCNET Website (November 2000)

Disclaimer:  These listings should not create an expectation about results in any individual case. The above list is provided for illustration purposes only, and represents merely some of the cases that have appeared in press through the years.