Defending Courts-Martial & Administrative Separations

 U.S. Air Force   

Air Force Technical Sergeant, E-6, charged with procurement fraud. Prosecutors convene Article 32, UCMJ, investigation which results in the case being resolved by non-judicial punishment. Client avoids federal conviction, jail time, and continues with career following reduction in grade. Air Force withdraws court-martial. Client retained.

Air Force Captain, O-3, faced general court-martial over alleged dereliction associated with a fatal  accident involving a parachutist.  Carpenter engages in extensive pre-trial discovery and tactical manuvering. Air Force dismisses all court-martial charges following "full acquittal" of co-pilot. Client retained.

Air Force Technical Sergeant, E-6, charged with BAH fraud and making false official statements.  Military judge finds accused not guilty of all charges with the exception of a single minor fraud claim.  Court-martial case is later alternatively resolved by article 15 proceeding, and no loss of stripe.  General Court-martial Convening Authority dismisses court-martial conviction.  Client retained.

Air Force Senior Airman, E-4, received three prior Letters of Reprimand (LOR) and two subsequent Article 15's related to dereliction of duty.  As a result, SrA was reduced in rank (from TSgt to SrA) despite 17-years of otherwise solid service. Chain of Command initiates involuntarily separation action seeking to expunge his retirement, benefits and family health care plan.  Airman retains Carpenter Law Firm to represent him before the Board. After the hearing, the Board members exonerate client of committing two of the three acts of alleged prior dereliction. Client retained.

Air Force Tech SergeantE-6, pleads guilty to four charges involving indecent liberties with a family member. Prosecutor demands 30-year jail sentence, but military jury sentences airman so that he is eligible for parole in 3.5-years. Defense successfully prevented military jury from considering several prior acts of alleged sexual misconduct and physical assaults upon his children.

Air Force Lt Col, Officer, O-5, convicted of engaging in Indecent Sexual Acts with two minor boys. Retained by military judge.

Air Force Technical Sergeant, E-6, in preparing to deploy misses movement based on his own carelessness. Commander threatens TSgt with NJP. Drafted memoradum explaining the circumstances behind the dereliction of duty. Commander decides against taking "any adverse action." Client retained.

Air Force MajorOfficer, O-4, a physician, received UIF for alleged acts of misconduct associated with flight status. UIF removed by Commanding General after appeal. Major's official millitary record related to his profession is effectively expunged.  Client retained.

Disclaimer:Each case is different, thus prior results and successes should not create an expectation about results in any individual case. The above list is provided for illustration purposes only, and represents only some of the cases previously handled by said attorney.